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Jeudi 28 novembre 2013 de 11 h 45 à 12 h 45

Débat autour de l'ouvrage The Making of The Tunisian Revolution, avec Francesco Cavatorta

Lieu : Salle 2413, Pavillon Charles-De Koninck, Université Laval

Cette activité est organisée en partenariat avec le Département de science politique.

Francesco Cavatorta est professeur au Département de science politique. Il présente l'ouvrage de Nouri Gana (dir.), The Making of The Tunisian Revolution : Contexts Architects, Prospects (Edimburg University Press, 2013), dans lequel il publie un chapitre.

Dans un premier temps, F. Cavatorta présentera certains axes de l'ouvrage, puis la discussion sera ouverte avec la salle.

Présentation de l'ouvrage :

A full history of the Tunisian revolution, from its roots decades ago to the ongoing process of becoming a democracy.

From late 2010 to the present day, the Arab world has been shot through with insurrection and revolt. As a result, Tunisia is now seen as the unlikely birthplace and exemplar of the process of democratisation long overdue in the Arab world.

Mixing political, historical, economic, social and cultural analyses and approaches, these essays reflect on the local, regional and transnational dynamics together with the long and short term factors that, when combined, set in motion the Tunisian revolution and the Arab uprisings. Above all, the book maps the intertwined genealogies of cultural dissent that have contributed to the mobilisation of protesters and to the sustenance of protests between 17 December 2010 and 14 January 2011, and beyond.

Key Features

  • 13 essays by an international and interdisciplinary set of experienced and emerging scholars who are active in researching and writing about the Tunisian and Arab Spring revolutions
  • Maps the origins of the Tunisian revolution, seeing it as an event that was years in the making after decades of 'collaborative revolutionism' across spaces, places and generations
  • Explore the various traditions of dissent under Bourguiba and Ben Ali
  • Includes important reflections on the major debates that dominated the postrevolutionary scene and continue to inform the transition to democracy


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