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Internships and study abroad


For-credit internships

Internships give students nearing the end of their professional master’s program the opportunity to work with international relations and international development practitioners. Internships of at least three months are available at international organizations and the international divisions of public and private entities. As an intern, you’ll be treated assigned tasks that relate to various initiatives within your host organization, much as an entry-level professional would be.

Internships let you put knowledge acquired during your HEI classes into practice, develop your ability to analyze and synthesize actionable information, and evaluate career objectives.

When you’re studying for a master’s in international studies, the whole world is your classroom! Your internships may required considerable travel. And your choice of country for an internship will also depend on your ability to speak and write the language of the host nation.       


If you have any questions about internships for master’s students in international studies, please contact us at


At HEI, we believe that students should start acquiring experience abroad early in their international studies. We therefore make numerous foreign travel opportunities possible during your time at HEI.

For-credit internships: These internships, a minimum of three months each, are part of the professional master’s curriculum. Interns work in international organizations or international divisions of public and private entities.

Data collection trips: Students pursuing research master’s or PhD programs are required to work “in the field” to gather information needed for their research. The duration of these trips may vary.

Other possibilities: At HEI, you can use your own initiative to explore other travel possibilities relevant to your studies. For example, some students take part in simulations like those of the Model Arab League in Cairo or Model United Nations in New York. Others participate in Université Laval trade missions. For more on this subject, see the student projects section.


Organizations that have hosted HEI interns in recent months include:

Organizations that have hosted HEI interns in recent months include:





SEE ALSO the list of HEI internship collaborators in the partners section.


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