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Language requirements

The ability to communicate in more than one language is an increasingly sought-after skill in the academic and professional world. To this end, HEI program management has put in place a policy on student language skills.

To read the policy: Language competency policy (PDF)


English and French language skills

Fluency in both English and French is imperative for HEI students pursuing a master’s degree or a PhD in international studies. Unless they have received an exemption based on demonstrated competencies, all students must pass an English proficiency test during their first semester in the program. Those who do not pass will be asked to take English classes in order to achieve the required level of skill.

Similarly, all non-francophone students must also pass a proficiency test to demonstrate their knowledge of French and ensure they have sufficient language skills to succeed in the program.


Other language skills

Given the desirability of acquiring foreign language fluency, HEI master’s students are also encouraged to develop their skills in other languages. Program management facilitates access to courses and other upgrading opportunities. Participation is entirely voluntary and not required as part of the master’s program.

Students can easily access various courses offered on campus by Université Laval’s École des langues.


For information

If you have other questions about language requirements for the master’s in international studies, please contact us at


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