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Research paper

Students enrolled in the professional master’s in international studies (research paper/internship option) must write a research paper on a multidisciplinary question of their choosing. The paper, which is to be completed by the time students finish their coursework and before they begin their  internships, counts for nine credits. Students prepare their research papers under the supervision of an HEI faculty member, with approval of the program director. Papers are evaluated by the supervising professor and by a second reviewer from another discipline.

Guidelines to writing the research paper (pdf (in French) )

List of HEI member professors available for research paper supervision


Definition of a research paper

To produce a research paper, students must research, synthesize and critically analyze existing knowledge on a specific question. The paper is not meant to provide an exhaustive review of the question, but rather to reflect an author’s thinking at a particular point in time. It allows students to address a subject related to their course of study and demonstrate both their knowledge of a specific field and their ability to systematically address a relevant topic in that field. The research paper is a clearly articulated effort designed to culminate in a well defined end. It is a less ambitious endeavour than the thesis, both in terms of its form and content and its objectives. Moreover, a research paper is not expected to contribute to the advancement of science.


Research paper archives

HEI provides access to research papers that received high marks for the quality of their analysis and intellectual rigour.


More information

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