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PhD in international studies

Acquire multidisciplinary expertise in a major area of international studies

  • A cutting-edge, multidisciplinary education that focuses on international relations, international development, and international institutions.
  • Research is conducted under the supervision of two advisors from different disciplines.
  • The activities of HEI research groups stimulate constant reflection and debate.


An innovative program

The PhD program in international studies, established in 2006, was designed to educate a new generation of university researchers well versed in interdisciplinary scholarship:

  • To this end, each student is supervised by co-advisors from two different disciplines—for example, law and geography, or political science and economics.
  • Multidisciplinarity is also the hallmark of the theme seminars led by HEI researchers from different fields

PhD coursework—tailored to each student’s needs—also draws upon several disciplines.


A focus on research

As a student at HEI, you become part of a productive environment that includes:

  • Some 60 HEI research members
  • Various multidisciplinary research groups engaged in exploring international issues
  • A doctoral student body that is integrated into these research teams and strongly encouraged to actively participate
  • A full slate of HEI activities occurring throughout the school year, such as conferences, symposiums, and round tables

Did you know that Université Laval is a leading research university? UL ranks fifth among Canadian universities when it comes to overall funding for research activities.


Strong guidance for student researchers

HEI program management ensures that students receive guidance in accordance with their academic profiles. As soon as they begin the program, PhD candidates are kept informed of various ways to facilitate or enrich their academic progress, including potential research grants and opportunities to publish or present scientific communications, etc. HEI students report that this individualized approach is extremely valuable. 


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