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Eligibility for the PhD program in international studies requires a university master’s degree (or the equivalent, for international students). Only candidates who have obtained a cumulative grade point average of at least 3.33 out of 4.33 (A-) will be considered.

In addition, candidates must have specific multidisciplinary experience:

  • Students who have already completed multidisciplinary programs (such as the HEI master’s in international studies) are directly eligible for admission.
  • Students whose diplomas are not multidisciplinary must have completed a bachelor’s and master’s degree in two different disciplines, at least one of which is an HEI core discipline (law, economics, business administration, or political science).
  • Candidates who hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in the same field of study may be accepted on the condition they complete an advanced graduate diploma (DESS) in another discipline.

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Selective admission

Meeting minimum eligibility conditions does not ensure automatic admission to the PhD program, which has limited openings. For the current academic year that number has been capped at 5 new students.


Selection criteria

All applications are evaluated by HEI program administrators, assisted by a joint admissions committee made up of students and faculty. In making its selections, the committee seeks candidate diversity in keeping with the multidisciplinary nature of the program. 

A number of criteria are considered when selecting applicants:

  • The student’s academic record: cumulative grade point average, progression in studies, and degree of continuity between previous coursework and the PhD program
  • The quality and relevance of the proposed research, and the likelihood that it will fit into one of the HEI research groups
  • The applicant’s research abilities
  • The applicant’s motivation and the fit between his or her interests and the content of the program
  • The relevance of the candidate’s overall experience: scientific publications, public communications, professional activities, etc.
  • The candidate’s general knowledge and overall quality of the application


Application package

Applications for admission to the PhD program must include, at a minimum:

  • The admission application form
  • The required fee for reviewing the application
  • A legible photocopy of your birth certificate
  • Official transcripts of your university grades
  • Your C.V.
  • A cover letter explaining why you wish to attend the program
  • Three letters of recommendation
  • A brief summary of your dissertation proposal, including a justification of the two disciplines selected for the thesis, a research hypothesis and an exploratory bibliography.

Certain other documents may be necessary, depending on your status at the time you apply. We strongly recommend that you read the instructions available on the website of the Université Laval Registrar’s office.


Period of admission

Students may begin the PhD program in the fall or winter semesters.

Application deadlines for Canadian and international students:

  • For courses starting in September 2015: February 1, 2015
  • For courses starting in January 2016: September 1, 2015

Note that program administrators may continue to accept applications after the deadline, and that these applications will be kept on file depending on the number of openings that remain available. As such openings are limited, we strongly urge students to apply by the deadlines shown.


Submitting your application

All applications must be sent to the Université Laval Registrar’s Office. Note that only complete applications will be considered.


For information

If you have other questions about admission to the PhD program in international studies, please contact us at


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