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Fast-track option

The PhD program in international studies allows students with exceptional academic records to take advantage of a fast-track option. Under this option, students in HEI’s  research master’s program in international studies may be accepted into the PhD program before completing their master’s degree, and may convert their master’s thesis project into a PhD dissertation.

To take advantage of this option, you must satisfy the following conditions:

  • Successfully complete all courses in your master’s program
  • Demonstrate, to the satisfaction of your research director and co-director and the program director  that the scope and originality of your research project  is sufficient for a dissertation, and that you have the written and oral skills required of a PhD student

Students who fast-track into the PhD program will receive their master’s degree once they have completed 45 education credits comprising their master’s coursework, PhD coursework, and PhD examinations, in accordance with the conditions of the program.


For information

If you have other questions about the fast-track option to the PhD program in international studies, please contact us at


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