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PhD seminars

The goal of these seminars is to familiarize students with research in international studies through participation in an ongoing series of conferences in which PhD candidates present research they are conducting for their dissertations (one presentation per year).

Presentations may take place at the university as part of HEI’s noontime lecture series, or off-campus at national or international conferences. At least one presentation must be given at HEI during a session attended by PhD candidates and professors.

These PhD seminars serve a dual purpose, allowing students to present their research proposals for discussion by their peers and professors, and to disseminate the results of their doctoral research to the broadest possible audiences.

PhD candidates typically register for these seminars when preparing for their dissertation proposal exam (examen prospectif). The evaluation form is signed by the dissertation advisor best able to assess whether it will meet seminar objectives, and also by the program director.


Sign-up procedure

To register for a specific PhD seminar session, students must contact the program director and complete form HEI-803/804/805, available in the section entitled Forms.

This procedure ensures that the two co-advisors approve the proposed presentation (date, place, and subject) and ensures that it adequately reflects the student’s research topic.


For information

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