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Paulin Diatta, distingué par le Programme de Bourses de leadership en développement durable

Paulin Diatta, étudiant de la maîtrise en études internationales, a été honoré par le Programme de Bourses de leadership en développement durable (PBLDD), dans le profil Leadership social et humanitaire, ce qui représente un montant de 10000$ réparti ...


La bourse Bergeron-Malenfant fait deux heureux: Olivier Clavet et Chloé Tremblay Cloutier

Cet été, deux étudiants de la maîtrise en études internationales ont reçu chacun une bourse Bergeron-Malenfant en développement international de 1000$ pour appuyer leur stage à l'étranger.


At HEI, financial aid for students is always a concern. We make special efforts to keep students apprised of the various types of aid that may be available.


Support for Success Plan

HEI maintains a Support for Success fund that provides financial support to those who complete key stages of their academic programs within prescribed time periods. All HEI students are eligible.


HEI Scholarships

Scholarships specifically reserved for HEI students include three master’s level admission scholarships, a theme-specific scholarship, and two international mobility scholarships for those participating in for-credit internships.


UL scholarships

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An invaluable resource to help fund your education

The website of UL’s Student Awards and Financial Aid Office offers a wealth of useful information about education funding. Along with an extensive list of scholarships, there are expert tips about drawing up a budget and lots of helpful links—be sure to check it out!


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