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Multidisciplinary research into today's complex international issues

During the past 30 years, Université Laval researchers have forged a unique international research tradition in Québec City. Such renowned Canadian pioneers as Albert Legault, Paul Painchaud, and Ivan Bernier have inspired seminal work on nuclear deterrence, middle power foreign policy, and the international dimensions of federalism. The originality and impact of this research stems in large part from its relatively precocious embrace of multidisciplinary approaches and its methodological rigor in a field of study that was still in its infancy.

Today, HEI is home to an established research team acclaimed for its expertise in international security, economic law, sustainable development, European integration, the Americas, international trade, and other fields. Organized within a dozen multidisciplinary research groups, HEI researchers contribute to a comprehensive program of scientific activities, write frequently for scholarly publications, and are often cited in the media.



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