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Cercle Europe

Cercle Europe was established to foster interest and encourage reflection on European issues in general, primarily within the university community but also within greater Québec City’s economic, business, cultural, and social circles.

Create a nucleus of interest on questions pertaining to Europe and its nations. including its structures for integration, history, economic development, and cultural and social challenges and issues. Bring together various UL actors and partners, as well as individuals or organizations outside the university who are interested in Europe, providing a forum in which to meet, discuss, and reflect, resulting in meaningful initiatives. Over the longer term, foster the emergence of research projects.

In its current iteration, Cercle Europe organizes lunch-hour conferences, discussion groups, and other gatherings such as the Ateliers Schuman, which brings together international experts specializing in the European Union and, more broadly, the construction of Europe.

Olivier Delas, Faculty of Law

Marylin Tremblay

Master’s candidate in International and Transnational Law
418-656-2131, ext. 2435

Contact information
Faculty of Law
Pavillon Charles-De Koninck
Université Laval
1030 avenue des Sciences-Humaines, Suite 3115
Québec City, QC G1V 0A6


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