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Model European Parliament Quebec-Canada-Europe (SPECQUE)

SPECQUE, a non-profit organization duly registered in Québec, was founded by a group of Université Laval international relations master’s students. As envisioned by Brigitte Dufort, SPECQUE’s first president, the concept was to organize a model European Parliament in an effort to better understand the workings of European institutions and the major challenges facing the European Union. By the same token, the students also wanted to advance European studies in Québec. After putting in 21 months of long hours preparing for the simulation, it was held at the Québec National Assembly in Québec City, Canada, in September 1998.

Since that time, SPECQUE has grown into an international association of Canadian and European organizers. Subsequent Model European Parliaments were held in Strasbourg, Québec City, Barcelona, Ottawa-Gatineau, Krakow, Toronto, Brussels, Montréal, Paris, Berlin, Moncton, Luxembourg, and Rome.

For more information:
specque.ulaval@gmail.com or http://www.specque.ulaval.ca/


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