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Students and alumni

HEI is home to a vibrant and unique student life thanks to a variety of factors, such as an active and engaged student association, students who take on a creative leadership role in projects that bring together the academic community, a close-knit alumni network, and an administration that puts a vast pool of resources at the disposal of its students.

Students in the master’s and PhD programs all know one another and regularly get together for any number of reasons—to celebrate the end of classes, to work on a new project, to organize an international trip over break, to continuously improve their academic program, and more.

Students who want their voice to be heard have many platforms from which to do so and have endless opportunities to broaden their learning experience and develop core skills. There’s something for everyone at HEI!

Visit the sections above to learn more about the scope of student engagement and the breadth of our network or to see the updated schedule of events.

Simulation de l'OÉA - Délégation UL -HEI printemps 2011 Délégation HEI de la CIMAL au Caire, novembre 2010 Simulation OTAN 2012- Délégation UL - HEI ambassade de Turquie



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