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Cultural trips

Traditionally, REMDEI has organized a cultural trip in the fall to give students the opportunity to visit international organizations and meet their leaders.


Fall 2013

Students visited a handful of international organizations in New York during reading week in late October 2013.

In all, six meetings were held at Human Rights Watch; UNDP; the Permanent Missions of Canada, France, and Iran to the UN; and the Québec Government Office. The purpose of the trip was to help students better understand the UN system in terms of its internal machinery (UNDP) and the work its members do (via permanent missions). The most highly anticipated meeting was easily the one at the Permanent Mission of Iran, where students were given a warm welcome by the third mission counsellor (photo opposite).

According to one student, Olivia Yahaut, “The academic trip to New York was a huge success! Thank you to the 2013 REMDEI team for helping organize this event, and a special thank you to co-organizers Kevin Pochon and Marie-Audrey Girard for their efforts through the entire process.”
Participants: Olivier Johns, Myriam Ménard, Jeanne Pariseau, Kevin Pochon, Barbara Poulain, Jérémie Ruellan, Emmanuelle Suhr, Myriam Tison, Phil Tremblay, Olivier Vuitton, and Olivia Yahaut.


Past fall trips

In fall 2012 our students had to cancel their trip to the United States because of Hurricane Irene, but in years past they travelled to New York and Washington D.C. They had the opportunity to meet ambassadors of permanent missions (Canada and other countries) and to visit the Québec Government Office and other international organizations, including a requisite stop at the United Nations Headquarters.


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