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Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee:

  • Work together on all Executive Committee business
  • Are responsible for working closely with REMDEI members once per term to organize a trip for them that is fun, academically rewarding, and rounds out what they have learned in the classroom
  • Present an annual written report on their activities at the general meeting in January. The REMDEI president must also present a report on the activities and decisions of the Executive Committee

Representatives change every year.

Nine members sit on the Executive Committee:

  • President
  • Vice president of academic affairs
  • Vice president of external affairs
  • Vice president of internal affairs
  • Vice president of administrative affairs
  • Vice president of sociocultural affairs
  • Vice president of finance
  • A first-year representative
  • A doctoral representative


Representatives - Comité de programmes (Program Committee)

The committee represents the graduate student body in discussions on how to organize and improve the program.

  • Master’s representative
  • Researcher representative


Representatives - Comité de direction des HEI (HEI Steering Committee)

  • PhD representative
  • Master’s representative


Representatives - Fonds d'investissement étudiant (Student Investment Fund)

These individuals represent graduate students to ensure effective fund management.


Representative to the Board of Directors of the Laval graduate student association, AELIÉS (Association des étudiantes et des étudiants de Laval inscrits aux cycles supérieurs)

One person


Representatives - Regard critique journal

There are six people on the Regard critiqueteam:


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