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Model NATO

Laval’s student-led Model NATO project, the Délégation de l’Université Laval pour les simulations de l’OTAN, was launched in 2007. Every year a handful of students from Université Laval participates in the annual model NATO meetings held in Washington D.C. and Ottawa.

These simulation exercises bring together some 100 students from universities all over the world. Each delegate is asked to sit on various committees, playing the role of a diplomat, defense minister, or armed forces commander from one of the 28 countries that make up the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).


How to get involved

The selection process occurs at the beginning of each fall semester. HEI sends out an email inviting students to submit a letter of interest and a résumé (both in English) by a certain deadline. We hope you’ll consider joining the delegation at some point in your studies, or perhaps you’d be willing to become a sponsor or partner.

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