2 mars 2020 au 3 mars 2020

Détails supplémentaires

Ce séminaire est organisé par le Centre interdisciplinaire de recherche sur l'Afrique et le Moyen-Orient (CIRAM) et la Chaire d'études maghrébines, en partenariat avec le Department of Political Science de l'University of Guelph.

Voici les invités et les sujets traités pendant le séminaire:

Lundi 2 mars

  • Janine Clark and Francesco Cavatorta (University of Guelph/Laval University)
    ‘How to conceptualise political and social mobilisation’ 
  • Frédéric Vairel and Pierre-Luc Beauchesne (University of Ottawa/Universite de Montreal)
    ‘Youth Movements, Youth in Movements: Cycles overlap and discontinuities in activism after the 20th February in Morocco.’
    Discussant: Francesco Cavatorta
  • Kerry-Ann Cornwall and Pietro Marzo (University of Toronto/Laval University)
    "From constitution making to legislative reforms: the ‘legitimacy dilemma’ of INGOs assistance in Tunisia’
    Discussant: Ezra Karmel
  • Alessandra Bonci (Laval University – on skype)
    ‘7orriyat lemra' Tunsiyya: the political engagement of Salafi Women in Tunisia’.
    Discussant: Wanda Krause
  • Wanda Krause (Royal Roads University)
    ‘Women's Leadership in the Middle East: Implications of Egyptian Women's Mobilizations through Refusal.’
    Discussant: Frederic Vairel
  • Paul Kingston (University of Toronto)
    ‘Processes of Pre-Mobilization? Shifting Opportunity Structures and Emergent Deaf Communities in the Arab World’.
    Discussant: Golrokh Niazi

Mardi 3 mars

  • Janine Clark (University of Guelph) and Samah Krichah (University of London)
    "Sexual Minority Rights Activism in Post-Arab Spring Tunisia: Activism, Identity and Citizenship’.
    Discussant: Lara Khattab
  • Lara Khattab (Concordia University/McGill University)
    “Yaskot Hokem el Masref (Down with the Banking System) and Kelon Yaani Kelon (Everyone Means everyone) : Reflections on Lebanon’s 2019 October Revolution, the Contradictions and Limits of a Neoliberal Rentier Economy and a Sectarian Regime”
    Discussant: Alessandra Bonci
  • Golrokh Niazi (University of Ottawa) “Strong Unions Make Strong Democracies”: The UGTT and ‘New’ Syndicalist Activism in Post-Ben Ali Tunisia.” Discussant: Pietro Marzo
  • Ezra Karmel and Sara Kuburic  (University of Guelph/Sigmund Freud University – on skype)
    ‘A Crisis of Identity: The Effects of Moral Injury on Youth Mobilisation in Jordan’.
    Discussant: Paul Kingston